Do you need some help? Follow these instructions:

1.) Click 'Launch Remote Helper'.
(You may need to temporarily disable your Anti-Virus or Firewall program)

2.) Save file or Run it.
(Firefox Web Browsers show this)

When you click on it, you may see:

Click OK or Choose Run at any Security Warnings

or just double left click on the file you just saved.


3.) Call us by entering your phone number (one in the same room as your computer):

This tool will call you back and connect us both together. (hint: answer the phone!)

Ask to be assisted remotely, give your e-mail address and enter the TicketID given to you by your helper.

We will remotely control your PC and fix your problems. You will be billed via PayPal in an e-mail from WebStop Internet Services.

When the Helper is done, the RemoteHelper program will close automatically.littleicon

You can also right-click the monitor icon in the system tray and choose close to close manually. When this program is exited, there can be no more access to your computer unless you go back through the process and get a new TicketID.